The Rumor Is That Eating Black Garlic Often Has Side Effects

- Feb 26, 2019-

The rumor is that eating black garlic often has side effects

Recently, someone said on the Internet, because black garlic is fermented food, not long-term consumption, there will be side effects. Really? In fact, this is a rumor, eating black garlic is good for health, people around every day deliberately to eat a lot of black garlic, will not have any side effects.

Black garlic is by natural white garlic through a special process of high temperature fermentation, after a high temperature fermentation of black garlic to the original odor of garlic in addition to, let the original ingredients in the fermentation, improved several times, but its own and no harm to the human body of the material, so eat black garlic is absolutely safe.

But eat black garlic is to have the amount of control, and can not eat too much, no matter what is too much, therefore, must control the amount.

Black garlic, also known as fermented black garlic, is particularly suitable for the three high population, black garlic ultra-high nutritional value and "sweet, soft, glutinous" taste is gradually being recognized and recognized, is gradually moving towards people's life. Today, black garlic manufacturers to teach you how to simple homemade black garlic at home. How do you do that? Let's take a look at it.

Black garlic after food without garlic odor, is not common garlic, the family practice is to put a special pot with boil extraction, do not look good black garlic, belong to the kind of I am very ugly I am not gentle. Although eat a little like dried fruit, but the black is not good-looking, more or less a little garlic taste.

Because avoid advertisement suspicion, do not introduce a boiler in detail to have, the jar that points to put garlic namely is covered in another inside boiler, form mezzanine boiler. The original book method only three figure four steps, general idea: 1 prepare garlic 2 yards garlic 3 cover 4 buttons. The next step is to rely on the pot itself to complete the process. Different ingredients are only steamed, boiled or other functional time is different, people can operate is roughly the same, only three or four steps, the production is not written too simple, but the production is so simple.