The Processing Of Pure White Garlic Can Achieve The Change Of Flavor And Nutritional Value Through The Fermentation Of Garlic.

- Mar 04, 2019-

The processing of pure white garlic can achieve the change of flavor and nutritional value through the fermentation of garlic. For people who don't know about black garlic, let's find out about it.

After the fermentation of pure white garlic, the antioxidant components in garlic, such as s-allyl cysteine and various polyphenols, can become more valuable. Fresh garlic turns into black garlic, and why does this dramatic increase in these ingredients occur? There are three main mechanisms: One is that some of these ingredients in fresh garlic are tightly combined with other substances, and they are released after a long time of heating; Second, there are some enzymes in fresh garlic that reduce or inhibit the activity of these substances. During the production of black garlic, these enzymes lose their activity, so the activity of these substances increases. Third, during Browning, simple polyphenols form polyphenolic compounds, which are much more antioxidant -- a similar example is found in black tea, where the formation of catechins into theaflatins leads to a significant increase in antioxidant activity.

Experiments found that fresh garlic into pure black garlic, the content of these substances or activity greatly increased. Different studies have selected different test indicators, with different increases, but generally show significant increases.

Black garlic is made after the fermentation of fresh garlic, through 60 to 90 days of natural fermentation, so that the original ordinary garlic instantly upgrade the level. So, what are the main aspects? Now we will answer this question for you.

Garlic was rich in carbohydrates, after fermentation, will be transformed into a sugar called fructose oligosaccharides class, thus increasing the sweetness, have antiseptic effect after fermentation of allicin content declined, reduced the volume of volatile organic sulfur, after finishing eat will not have a strong tone, which is one of the reasons for the black garlic is accepted by many people.