Roasted Peanuts Has High Nutritional Value

- Mar 14, 2019-

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Roasted peanuts has high nutritional value, and the aroma is very, contains rich trace elements, vitamins, carotenoids, protein, unsaturated fatty acid, resveratrol, alkaloids, triterpenoid saponins, such as nutrients, has a reputation for longevity nut, not only can inhibit fat, lower cholesterol, prevent all kinds of disease of heart head blood-vessel; And it contains zinc elements can promote brain development, effective puzzle brain, improve memory, but also anti-aging. Peanuts contain calcium elements can promote the body's development, not only that, peanuts also has the effect of spleen and stomach, runfei phlegm and longevity.

Eat roasted peanuts raw. The red skin on the surface of the peanuts can clot, stop and replenish blood, promote hematopoiesis, and increase the number of platelets. However, it should be noted that there are several taboos in eating raw roasted peanuts. For example, the protein contained in raw roasted peanuts is easy to be absorbed and digested if not cooked, and excessive consumption will easily affect digestion. Therefore, people with digestive problems are advised to eat cooked peanuts. Also need to pay attention to the peanut's epidermal nutritional value is particularly high, so raw peanuts are recommended to eat with the skin.

Cooked peanut is easy to make peanuts better absorption and digestion, so it can protect the stomach and intestines, prevent indigestion and other problems, for people with gastrointestinal problems, digestive problems are recommended to eat cooked peanut, but still need to control the amount, otherwise it will also be difficult to digest, affect health; And if it is fried peanuts, then it is easy to lead to heavy fire, easy to appear the symptoms of overheat. And the unsaturated fatty acids in peanuts will reduce nutrients when heated.