Refrigerated Garlic Sales Since The Market Slightly Concussion

- Dec 10, 2018-

Refrigerated garlic sales since the market slightly concussion, the price has gone up and down, compared to the same period last year, the situation is slightly better, but the profit margin of the storer is limited. With the arrival of New Year's day and Spring Festival, will the garlic market take off?

November is the third month for refrigerated garlic sales. According to the supply and demand situation, both this year and last year's refrigerated garlic market are oversupplied. However, according to the sentiment of market participants, especially the sales mentality of storers, this year is much better than the same period of last year. In November, garlic prices rose and fell, with the cold garlic market mixed with positive and negative factors.

Advantages: first of all, the reduction of planting area, so that many stores disguised delay the sales time; For example, the lowest price of jinxiang medium mixed grade garlic in 2017 is 3.20 yuan/kg, while the lowest price in 2018 is only about 1.60 yuan/kg, and the risk of loss is relatively low. Finally, there is plenty of time for refrigerated garlic sales. November is only the third month for refrigerated garlic sales, with more than four months to go.

From the perspective of supply quality, since the beginning of November, there have been many problems in the quality of refrigerated garlic supply. On the other hand, some of the better quality aged garlic can compete with this year's garlic, but the price is relatively low. The old garlic and the problem of new garlic sellers actively shipping, and some hold the quality of the supply of sellers are not eager to sell.

With the coming of New Year's day and Spring Festival, the purchase volume of garlic is expected to increase. Some experienced sellers, buyers are also in advance for the festival preparation, the festival effect may play a certain boost to the market of garlic, but affected by the market supply and demand, the price will not appear too big fluctuations.

Although the total volume of garlic exports in the first nine months of this year was higher than that in the same period of last year, the increase in the amount of garlic stored in warehouses was limited compared with that stored in cold storage. Most of the domestic wholesale market after the market price of the majority of dealers lack of confidence, most said to take goods. Meanwhile, some storers have rationalized the fact that fewer garlic plants will be planted in autumn 2018. In this proposal, the store more attention to the quality of goods, a little less than the source may wish to sell as soon as possible, high-quality goods source sellers can properly wait and see the market, quick sales is still the best policy.