Realization Of Mechanization Of Garlic Production

- Jun 14, 2019-

In mid-may, being known as the "Chinese garlic capital", Jinxiang county in Shandong province ushered in the annual garlic harvest season. On the afternoon of May 16th, In Jinxiang national modern industrial park garlic standardized planting base, thirty garlic planters and harvesters from 12 garlic equipment manufacturers in Shandong province run in the garlic fields: garlic bud upright planter, conventional planting machine and digging, combined and bundling and other different types of harvesting machinery, run to the field one by one to race.



Thereinto, during the demonstration of mechanization of maria garlic machinery, a garlic harvester is used to dig, remove soil, transport, arrange, cut stem, collect and transfer garlic at one time, the operation mode is basically the same as that of wheat combine harvester. After each harvest back and forth, the garlic is then transported to the farmer's vehicle, simple and convenient, save time and effort, the high efficiency won the praise of nearly 300 leaders, experts and garlic farmers from Jinan, Zaozhuang, Weifang, Laiwu and other 8 garlic areas and the surrounding counties and urban areas.


According to information, as one of Shandong characteristic cash crops, the annual planting area of garlic in Shandong is about 6 million mu, processing exports amounted to 800,000 tons, they accounted for 50.3 percent and 70.2 percent of China.However, the high garlic planting density, low degree of mechanization of production, requires a lot of labor investment, low mechanization level has become a major bottleneck restricting the quality and efficiency of garlic industry.


During an interview with Shimin Zheng, the deputy secretary of Jinxiang county party committee, he is glad to tell the journalist: “In recent years, in order to promote the sustained and healthy development of garlic industry, we actively integrate the forces of production, education and research, guide and promote garlic mechanization research and development promotion demonstration project, in some key links to achieve new breakthroughs, achieved significant economic benefits, driving the upgrade of the garlic industry chain”.

According to the introduction from stationmaster Jiangping of Shandong province agricultural machinery technology promotion station, realize the whole mechanization of garlic production,each mu can reduce the labor cost of more than RMB700, not only can improve the income of garlic farmers, solve the problem of labor shortage, but also can liberate garlic farmers from heavy manual labor. In 2017, garlic was listed as one of the six key crops of Shandong province's agricultural mechanization "two whole crops and two high crops". The transformation and upgrading of modern agricultural machinery has been carried out in six counties and districts, and a total of 6,000 mu of demonstration areas have been established. In 2019, Shandong will continue to include garlic planting machinery into the purchase subsidy range of new agricultural machinery, with a subsidy of 30% of the sales price, to further promote the whole-process mechanization of garlic production and agricultural modernization.