Purple Garlic In The Storage, We Have To Choose The Correct Storage Method

- Mar 03, 2019-

Purple garlic in the storage, we have to choose the correct storage method, the correct storage method for the extension of the product storage life will be of great help. So, purple garlic storage, we can choose what are the methods? This is today we are going to introduce to you a problem, the next we will understand it.

1. Purple garlic storage can choose to hang possession method: purple garlic harvest, ready to hang possession of purple garlic to be strictly selected, remove those too small, stem and leaf decay, damage and damp garlic and then spread on the ground drying, to the stem and leaf soft yellow, purple garlic skin has been dry. Finally choose the size of the same 50 to 100 head of purple garlic braid, hanging in the cool ventilation under the eaves of rain shelter, dry storage.

2. Chemical treatment and storage: the commonly used chemical agents are cyanine, whose sodium, potassium and ammonium salts are easily soluble in water and have low toxicity to humans and animals. The method is, in the purple garlic moss after a week before the harvest, the fresh green element with water 120 to 180 times diluted, spraying purple garlic leaf surface, can inhibit the germination of purple garlic. Spray sprayer used to wash, pay attention to do not spray garlic seeds, so as not to affect the germination.

3. Pile storage method: purple garlic harvest, the removal of scattered petal, moth, with mildew and injured garlic, so as not to rain rot. A week or so, and then the second exercise. This repeated twice, so that the purple garlic all dry, and then transferred to the indoor ventilation, stacked in storage or large bamboo baskets, keep low humidity cool conditions, and often check.

4. Burial method: the width of the burial ditch is 1 to 1.5 meters. Purple garlic buried, can not be checked at any time, in order to avoid the loss of rot in storage, should be buried before the strict selection of those without disease, no damage to the purple garlic for storage. Purple garlic rice chaff as a mulch is generally selected buried, first put a layer of 2 cm thick at the bottom of rice chaff, and then a layer of a layer of rice chaff purple garlic, layer upon layer heap to about 5 cm above the ground, covered with rice chaff, don't make the purple garlic exposed to the air sealing conditions, as a inhibitory effect of purple garlic breath, reduce the oxygen content, is advantageous to the deposition of carbon dioxide storage environment, provide favorable conditions for the purple garlic storage.

5. Radiation storage: irradiation treatment is to irradiate purple garlic with a lethal dose of 14000 roentgen of r rays. Irradiation, r rays through the bulb will make purple garlic in the body of water and other substances ionization, free radicals or ions, thus inhibiting metabolism. The method is simple, high quality and can be stored for 1 to 2 years at room temperature.