Black Garlic Is Popular Among Consumers.

- Feb 25, 2019-

Black garlic is popular among consumers. When we buy, we find that there are many cloves of garlic and single head of garlic. So, what's the difference between the two? That's the question we are going to introduce to you today. Let's take a look at it.

1.Multi-clove pure white garlic is commonly used as food.

2. single-head pure white garlic is larger than multi-headpure white garlic, single-head pure white garlic has only one, and multi-head pure white garlic can be divided into twelve and fourteen cloves.

3. Because single-head pure white garlic is larger than multi-clove pure white garlic, it takes longer to ferment during preparation.

4. Black garlic is more suitable for eating than pure white garlic with sweet and sour taste, which is accepted by more consumers.

The main difference between the multi-clove pure white garlic and the single-clove pure white garlic is that one of the cloves is inside and the other one is whole, but the taste and the effect are the same, only the shape is not quite the same.

Why does the transformation of fresh garlic into black garlic lead to such a dramatic increase in these ingredients? There are three main mechanisms speculated in the literature: One is that some of these components in fresh garlic are closely combined with other substances, and they are released after prolonged heating; Second, there are enzymes in fresh garlic that reduce or inhibit the activity of these substances. During the production of black garlic, these enzymes lose their activity, so the activity of these substances increases. Third, in the Browning process, simple polyphenols form polyphenol compounds.