Price Information Of Jinxiang Garlic International Market

- Jul 18, 2019-

Jinxiang garlic international trade left about 76 trucks, totally 529 trucks for supply full day. There are more buyers throughout the day than yesterday, most buyers select and purchase with bargaining in the afternoon. The sellers sell garlic according to the market price, the opening price is unchanged from yesterday. The price of generally mixed grade garlic is RMB7.76-7.86/kg, better garlic mixed grade is RMB8.00/kg, Garlic medium size mixed grade is RMB8.10/kg, better medium size mixed is RMB8.24/kg, large size mixed grade garlic is RMB8.32-8.40/kg, Garlic 6.0cm is RMB8.70/kg. The price of partial garlic varieties are declined about RMB0.06-0.10/KG, trading volume is increased throughout the day.

Garlic International Market