Price Information Of Jinxiang Garlic International Market

- May 29, 2019-

The garlic supply quantity is increasing in Jinxiang garlic international market this morning, almost 200 trucks at the peak. The garlic vendors insist to raise the price, the overall market prices are tough. The inquiry is becoming more and more, the trading atmosphere is slightly active. The customers to purchase fresh garlic for local market and packing factories are ordering according to the market price. The supply of garlic is smooth, the trading volume is rising, fresh garlic is RMB4.80 - 5.40/kg, normal mixed grade is RMB7.00 - 7.20/kg, big size mixed grade is RMB7.80 - 8.40/kg. The price of storaging garlic is stable, customers with real need purchase according the market price, the trading volume is also stable, mainstream price of cold storage garlic change not much.

Jinxiang market