Black Garlic Is Fermented From Ordinary Garlic, Rich In Allicin, Like Preserved Fruit

- Mar 02, 2019-

Black garlic is fermented from ordinary garlic, rich in allicin, alone black garlic like preserved fruit, taste is very good, although the black garlic is very good, but also do not overeat, because easy to cause excessive internal heat, it is recommended to eat 2-3 head per day is appropriate, have internal heat friends can be 1 head.

The taste characteristics of new season garlic after processing are the problems we introduced above. When we process it, we need to pay attention to these problems. We hope that the above introduction can give you some tips and help.

Black garlic and fresh garlic in the contained elements are different, so, what are the differences between them reflected in what aspects?

The black garlic is not a special garlic variety, but a product of special processing of ordinary garlic. The flavor and taste of garlic were improved.

The production of the black garlic is not complicated, but it takes a long time. In simple terms, fresh garlic is heated in high temperature and high humidity for more than a month, or even as long as two or three months. Many places, including some scientific literature, refer to this process as "fermentation" when introducing the black garlic. Also some people think that this is a misnomer, because the temperature of the black garlic production is around 60 ° C, is even higher, the temperature of various microorganisms can grow. So they suggest that the process, which involves no microbes, is mainly caused by "non-enzymatic Browning", or oxidation, by prolonged heating at low temperatures. Such process, a bit similar to black tea "wood red". After dozens of days of continuous heating, fresh garlic into the black garlic. The garlic became soft and sweet, and its characteristic pungent smell disappeared. For many, the flavor of the black garlic is more appealing.

Black garlic in the processing, what kind of processing process is very important. So what happens to the nutrients in garlic during processing? This is the problem that we are going to introduce to you today, let's take a look at this problem.

New season garlic is fresh raw garlic after cleaning with skin in the high temperature and high humidity fermentation box natural fermentation for 60-90 days before sterilization packaging made of food. After fermentation, the whole garlic cloves will change from white to black, so it is called black garlic. The black garlic is a healthy food.