Eating Roasted Peanuts Is Good For Your Health

- Mar 12, 2019-

Eating roasted peanuts is good for your health, but do you know how to choose healthy foods and how long to cook them? How to cook it?

Roasted peanuts taste delicious, taste mellow,roasted peanuts 1-3mm /8-14 mesh (for roasted pig trotters, hot pot dip, haidilao, hot and sour powder, ice cream, sugar gourd, chocolate coating, cake mounted)

How long will it take? How to cook it? In the baking process, the peanut will emit water, that is, the roasted peanut will reduce the weight of the product, while the water peeling soaking will increase the weight of the product. The raw crushed/milky white peeled peanut rice produced by our company is roasted and peeled, extending the shelf life as far as possible, and will not affect the taste of the product and guarantee the quality of the product. We guarantee that the fire in place, the service in place, with integrity cast brand, quality to win the market, trustworthy!

Most eat the company's main production and operation: peeling roasted peanuts, various specifications of raw, cooked roasted peanuts, milk white peeling rice and so on. So you can make sure that the peeled roasted peanuts are good and cheap. You need the product specifications for your choice, at any time for your intimate service. Sincerely look forward to working with friends at home and abroad to establish cooperative relations, hand in hand to create a better tomorrow!

Skinless roasted peanuts are widely used in baking products, such as cakes, breads, biscuits and so on. Cakes are a big part of all baked goods. Birthday, wedding and other indispensable is the cake, and the cake in addition to taste is one thing, appearance is more need to attract the eye, the cake has a variety of shapes, cake decoration is a very important part of the cake making process. Delicious and tempting cake, with crispy and fragrant roasted peanuts, is both nutritious and beautiful.