Eat Carrot Can Raise Colour Hairdressing.

- Mar 06, 2019-

Eat carrot can raise colour hairdressing. The carotene that carrot place contains, not only can change for vitamin A inside human body, and also have desaturate spot to skin, stimulative metabolism, prevent the action of ageing, let skin ruddy have burnish, because this is A kind of very good protect skin to taste. And cheap and easy to buy egg yolk salad sauce, mainly by salad oil add egg yolk and vinegar or lemon juice stir and become, in fact, is one of the most natural skin care lotion, with moisturizing effect, let the skin tender and delicate.

And in addition to beta carotene, it also contains antioxidant vitamin E, which can improve acne.

Carrot mayonnaise moisturizing mask

To make this mask, you can mix grated carrots with salad dressing or mix salad dressing with leftover carrot juice. This is a simple and easy to use moisturizing and anti-aging mask.

Ingredients: 2 TSP mayonnaise, 2 TSP grated carrot puree (about 1/4 carrot)

Efficacy: moisturize and moisten skin, prevent skin from drying and aging, and make skin more lustrous

Applicable skin: all kinds of skin, especially dry. But should notice next time when using, do not take out from freezer directly with, lest "jing" the skin, had better take out 15 minutes in advance, wait for temperature to rise somewhat hind reoccupy.