Black Garlic Is A Very Good Food, The Consumption Of Black Garlic, Also Has A Lot Of Advantages

- Feb 28, 2019-

Black garlic is a very good food, the consumption of black garlic, also has a lot of advantages, so, its advantages are mainly reflected in what aspects? This is the problem that we are going to introduce to you today, let's take a look at this problem.

According to the Japanese analysis center, black garlic is rich in amino acids. Amino acids are the main components of protein. The resynthesis of amino acids and proteins absorbed by the body is the raw materials of body tissues, enzymes and hormones.

Black garlic manufacturers today to introduce to you, black garlic in the process of processing, the changes in its composition is mainly reflected in what aspects, in the end is what problems caused the changes in its nutrients. If you are interested in this problem, let's take a look at it together.

Fresh garlic turns to black garlic, and why do these ingredients increase so dramatically? There are three main mechanisms speculated in the literature: one is that some of these components in fresh garlic are closely combined with other substances, and they are released after prolonged heating; Second, there are some enzymes in fresh garlic that reduce or inhibit the activity of these substances. In the process of making black garlic, these enzymes lose their activity, so the activity of these substances is increased. Third, in the Browning process, simple polyphenols form polyphenol compounds.