What's the best way to keep roasted peanuts fresh and crisp?

- Mar 11, 2019-

What's the best way to keep roasted peanuts fresh and crisp? Use this trick: freeze! To preserve the freshness of raw or cooked roasted peanuts, put them in a food sandwich bag and seal it and put it in the freezer. Not only will the flavor remain the same, but it will also increase the brittleness.

Nutrient-rich roasted peanuts, related products are also popular by the public, such as: roasted peanut butter, roasted peanut sugar, roasted peanut oil, baked peanut crisp, and so on, and even the New Year snack is also not the trail of roasted peanuts. If ordinary family wants to cook peanut,be like:earthnut stew with pig foot,fried small fish with earthnut and chilli,match the wine well.Uses to fry roast earthnut have to wait a moment,it is to buy market grocery store mostly,bought then takes advantage of fresh to eat,aviod high temperature and humidity derive aflatoxin.

When we peel the roasted peanuts, sometimes the shell looks very complete, but the out of the shell roasted peanuts, some of the surface has a layer of ash powder, and even some have shrunk into strange shape or color, are not healthy roasted peanuts, can not be eaten, to give up!

Bought raw peanuts, you can use cold water or hot water to wash off the surface of the dust and impurities, and then pick up into the bag after freezing, but sometimes the weather is not good,to dry peanuts spend a long time. So, you can also fry peanuts:

Steps for frying and baking peanuts:

  1. Add food oil directly to the pan and bring to a simmer.

  2. Pour the peanuts into the pot and keep stirring them in circles to avoid uneven burning.

Whether the roasted peanuts are Fried or not, according to the sound of the roasted peanuts falling on the edge of the pot, the sound will change from heavy, slowly into crisp. Color differences before and after frying: the skin color turns slightly darker, and some roasted peanuts show signs of cracking.