We can often eat Onions on the table, generally buy red Onions, there are white Onions and yellow Onions in the market.

- Mar 11, 2019-

We can often eat Onions on the table, generally buy red Onions, there are white Onions and yellow Onions in the market. The two after the general do salad to eat, better nutrition absorption. We eat it every day and know little about the health benefits of Onions. Food exports in the production of garlic and onion powder to understand some information and share with you.

Calcium tonic bone-building onion rich in calcium, can be compared with small rape, cabbage and other calcium rich vegetables, but also contains magnesium and potassium, calcium and phosphorus ratio is also appropriate, calcium good absorption.

Improve intestinal environment Onions, like burdock, asparagus and other vegetables, contain oligosaccharides that are not digested by the stomach and small intestine, but are broken down in the large intestine as food for beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria.

Onions are rich in dietary fiber, which can increase the sense of fullness and promote defecation. In addition, the bifidogenic factors produced by Onions are also conducive to intestinal patency.

Solution fat do some high-fat meat dishes, such as steak, braised pork, grilled fish, etc. with Onions can not only go to the fishy taste, but also solution fat, reduce the body's absorption of fat.

Bactericidal onion contains volatile propylene sulfide, which has bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects and disperses pests. Therefore, onion is a zero-residue vegetable.

Cancer-fighting Onions are high in quercetin and selenium. The former inhibits the activity of cancer cells and prevents them from growing, while the latter is a powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidative damage in the body.

Cold prevention onion slightly hot mild, with the role of wind chill, can prevent a cold, but also can alleviate the cold caused by nasal congestion, runny nose and other symptoms.

Reduce the body's inflammatory response the onion contains prostaglandin A, is A strong vasodilator, to reduce the body's inflammatory response, regulation of blood pressure, reduce blood viscosity are helpful.

So don't look down on this little onion. It's good for our health. The above information is organized by food co., LTD. The food company wishes everyone good health.