The onion is young, but the background is not simple.

- Mar 11, 2019-

Simply put, the onion is a legitimate cross-border shopping platform that is the nearest world store to you.

At the onion, you can buy local versions of 4,118 international brands in 46 countries via your phone and mail them home. Duty free genuine goods, customs supervision!

The onion is young, but the background is not simple.

It was the onion that provided cheadle/vanning with its supply chain for more than 20 years

Under the support of national One Belt And One Road policy, 2014 went from behind the scenes to the front of the stage.

At present, guotai junan, xianfeng capital and other first-line capital 100 million yuan of the full force of investment and financing.

Today is goddess day! Also coincides with the rise of the dragon on February 2, good luck when the first sign of good luck, I wish to see this information friends:

The work has the dry head, the work has the vigor, the goal has the accurate head, manages has the mark - up head, the future has the head, the day has the head.

Onions don't get rich overnight, they do.

Getting rich overnight is a trap.

Onion OMALL legally health channels operating mechanism, set up shop provides the high quality product, professional product knowledge training, the refinement operation training, good customer service, professional legal team escort, credit risk guarantee, help each user to easily become social retail professional sellers, don't need to stock up, no delivery, no new, no after-sales, professional training, the open a shop that sells, namely to see for a quick profit.

With its innovative M2S (Made2Social) new social retail model, onion deeply integrates supply chain resources, builds warehouse matching, content, marketing, customer service and customs clearance. Based on the global brand selection, the world brand Made is launched directly, realizing the new retail form from manufacturing end to social retail. Currently, the company owns: onion overseas warehouse (cross-border import products) module, onion seller (cross-border export products) module, onion home (fresh supermarket products) module. Comprehensive coverage of family daily life needs.