Roasted peanuts are nutritious, inexpensive and easy to get health care products.

- Mar 11, 2019-

Roasted peanuts are nutritious, inexpensive and easy to get health care products. According to scientists, roasted peanuts contain a lot of plant sterols, which are very good for people's health. In particular, beta - valley sterols have the prevention of colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Roasted peanuts have the name of "longevity fruit", "plant meat" and "meat of vegetable". Roasted peanuts natural disposition is sweet and smooth, which can strengthen spleen and stomach, moisten lung and dissolve phlegm, and benefit qi and stop bleeding. It is used for spleen deficiency and emaciation, food deficiency and fatigue, dry cough and phlegm deficiency, postpartum milk deficiency, etc. Professor Li says, the adipose in baked peanut can make the cholesterol inside liver decomposes bile acid, stimulative excrete, reduce the cholesterol content in blood thereby, with respect to preventing atherosclerosis.

However, peanuts are the most susceptible to aspergillus flavus infection. Studies have shown that  peanuts can become infected with aspergillus flavus throughout their development, including during their growth in the ground. After harvest, peanuts are more susceptible to aspergillus flavus infection due to the influence of temperature, humidity and storage conditions. During the process of reproduction and metabolism, aspergillus flavus produces a large number of toxins (mainly aspergillus flavus toxin B1), contaminating peanuts and their products. It has been found that the toxin can be found in peanuts,peanut oil, peanut beverage and peanut butter.

First, the yellow-green looking roasted peanuts are removed, then soaked and rinsed in running water, then boiled in clean water, then filtered and eaten. Aflatoxins are water-soluble. After rinsing and boiling, the aflatoxins contaminated by roasted peanuts are basically dissolved in water. Cooked roasted peanuts are safer to eat and easier to digest and absorb.

Some people say that boiled roasted peanuts are neither tasty nor crispy, can they be Fried? Through the experiment, the yellow aspergillus toxin if heated to 200 ℃, and not to be broken, and with high temperature frying, roasted peanut protein, fat becomes heterocyclic amines, heterocyclic amine aromatic substances, such as to increase its carcinogenicity. Accordingly, often edible oil fries baked peanut, unfavorable advocate.