Eating garlic on an empty stomach is a big taboo

- Mar 11, 2019-

Taboo 1:

Do not eat garlic on an empty stomach

Eating pure white garlic on an empty stomach is a big taboo, because pure white garlic is more stimulating, if you eat it on an empty stomach, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort and inflammation. So remember to eat white garlic before must eat a little staple food pad stomach, protect the stomach.

Taboo 2: do not eat too much

A lot of people think that since pure white garlic can have so many benefits, that I eat every day, every day to eat a lot of discomfort more beneficial to the body? In fact, this idea is wrong, eating too much pure white garlic every day is easy to cause the human body skills disorders.

Especially this piece of the intestinal tract, because the pure white garlic oil sterilization function, so a large number of long-term consumption, will make the bacteria in the intestinal tract is constantly killed, make the intestinal internal existence of bacteria are threatened, naturally caused a variety of intestinal lesions.

On December 22, 2018, according to market statistics, celebrating the winter solstice throttle, clinch a deal the rolls pure white garlic difference is not big, the market continued slow weak trend, source supply is adequate, around the store business sales positive, part of the seller for the transaction active let price, buyers keep just need to purchase, small batch purchase, good price is smooth, faulty goods and issue price of garlic has a loose two points, although wen weak, but the cargo well. Slightly weaker in the market steady, unsold goods supply is still large, store business selling interest is active, mainly just require buyers to take goods, buyers pick where to take goods, scattered tonnage and problem of garlic price concessions, clinch a deal the price slightly weaker trading momentum, shipment is slow, the peeled garlic material price in 1.72 to 2.00 yuan/kg, general mixed price level in the 2.12 to 2.32 yuan/kg, good mixing level in 2.46 to 2.80 yuan/kg.