Laba garlic is a popular traditional snack in northern China

- Mar 11, 2019-

Laba garlic is a popular traditional snack in northern China, especially in north China. Garlic is made on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month. In fact, the material is very simple, is vinegar and garlic clove.

Laba garlic is use purple garlic and rice vinegar, peel off the garlic skin, immersed in rice vinegar, into the small altar seal, unsealed until New Year's eve, the garlic will become green, garlic and hot acetic acid dissolved together, tangy, is the best seasoning to eat dumplings, can be used as cold dishes, taste unique. In the past people said if not bubble garlic on lada day, the color will not turn green. That's not the case at all. The reaction of laba garlic is green garlic cloves spicy acid, let the acetic acid is sweet and spicy. Now if you go to the old Beijing style restaurant to eat Fried sauce noodles, they give you a small plate of green laba garlic all year round.

The market merchant takes the goods according to need, before the festival the demand is good, transacted for the garlic rice makings, better mixes the grade and the partial grade garlic, the good goods price is still stable is hard, other goods entourage trade.

Market and more, peak in 150-160, garlic source supply increases slightly, good quality of the goods is still tight, storage charge insist or partial hard, increase in the number of buyers to see goods, inquiry, fry, have certain goods intention, just need to take goods mainly for customers, general and slightly faulty goods accompanying clinch a deal, go cargo, slightly hard market stability.

The market of the production area is stable, there are many semi-trailers for loading, the supply of garlic is sufficient, the store operators are following to sell the garlic, the purchasers are active in getting the goods, the supply of goods of medium or above quality is relatively hot, the market is slightly better than the previous two days, the price of 6.5cm red garlic is 2.70-3.00 yuan/kg, the price of 6.5cm white garlic is 3.00-3.10 yuan/kg.