December is the fourth month for garlic sales in cold storage.

- Dec 31, 2018-

With New Year's day and Chinese New Year around the corner, will the refrigerated garlic market take off? December is the fourth month for garlic sales in cold storage. According to the supply and demand situation, the garlic market in cold storage both this year and last year is oversupplied. However, according to the sentiment of market participants, especially the sales mentality of storers, this year is much better than the same period of last year.

In November, refrigerated garlic prices were mixed. This is mainly due to the cold storage garlic market has a number of positive factors to support. The first is the reduction of planting area, so that many stores disguised delay the sales time; Second, the price of garlic in cold storage this year was lower than last year. Finally, there is plenty of time for refrigerated garlic sales. December is only the fourth month for refrigerated garlic sales, with more than five months to go.

Purchases of chilled garlic are expected to increase as the New Year and Spring Festival approaches. Some experienced sellers and purchasers are also preparing for big purchases before the festival. Refrigerated garlic prices in general farmers markets will see limited price increases for some time to come. Although exports of refrigerated garlic increased from January to September this year compared with the same period last year, the increase in refrigerated garlic storage was limited compared with the increase in refrigerated garlic storage. Most of the domestic wholesale market after the market price of the majority of dealers lack of confidence, most said to take goods. Meanwhile, some storers have rationalized the fact that there will be fewer refrigerated garlic plants planted in autumn 2018.

It is a fact that the planting area is reduced, and the yield is still unknown. The quality of new refrigerated garlic is expected to be good next year.

Timing the sale is something every stockholder friend has to consider, as the total stock is there. The price of garlic slices comes to mind when it comes to digestion. Can we consider processing refrigerated garlic paste and refrigerated garlic essential oil? Many garlic slices have been witnessed by all, and one ton of refrigerated garlic essential oil can consume 500 tons of refrigerated garlic. The refrigerated garlic stored in the refrigerator this year is of poor quality, and there is no advantage in storage for two years. The old garlic stored last year has really failed to be taken into consideration.

Garlic in cold storage for 18 months because the cold storage is concentrated, the temperature control is not in place, the emergence of sugar clove garlic, garlic bud is more difficult to break through the price.

As garlic people do not too much blame garlic farmers to expand the acreage, there is no garlic planting without refrigeration garlic industry prosperity. Don't bet your hopes on bad weather, either. Garlic is a winter crop that can be refrigerated and is highly adaptable, allowing it to grow healthfully from place to place.