Benefits of Pickled Garlic

- Mar 14, 2019-

Perhaps the greatest benefits of pickling garlic instead of eating it without fermenting are these:

The inherent hotness of eating a raw clove is greatly reduced and/or virtually eliminated.

The icky potential for reeking of garlic on your breath and in your sweat goes bye-bye.

Hence, fermenting garlic eliminates the negative aspects of eating raw garlic without reducing or eliminating any of the natural benefits. In addition, the probiotic and enzymatic value of garlic is enhanced by fermentation.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, author of the bestselling book about the GAPS Diet, would concur. In fact, she recommends eating an entire head of garlic per day (one clove every few hours during waking hours) until the illness or infection subsides.

The great thing about having a jar of fermented garlic on hand is that you can easily grab a clove or two whenever you need it. This is reminiscent of having a jar of the Master Tonic in the pantry during cold/flu season.

I like to suck on a clove as a natural remedy for sore throat. While sucking on a raw clove (let alone chewing it) is too hot for many people, sucking on a pickled clove is easy to do. In fact, the flavor is similar to roasted garlic and quite tasty. Thus, fermented garlic cloves are a great option for children.

As mentioned before, those who are sensitive to raw garlic will likely find pickled garlic to be no problem. The fermentation process conveniently eliminates the stinky aspects on body and breath afterward.

Pickling garlic that is properly fermented is also a frugal alternative to using odor-free garlic pills. On the positive side, garlic in pill form is very convenient for traveling, so don’t completely discount this as an option on occasion.