Multi-petal Black Garlic

Multi-petal Black Garlic

Multi-petal black garlic is another name of normal black garlic, it is made of good quality raw normal white garlic, it is the main product of black garlic products,

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Multi-petal black garlic is another name of normal black garlic, it is made of good quality raw normal white garlic, it is the main product of black garlic products, also call multi-petal fermented black garlic. 

The black garlic flavour is softened such that it almost or entirely disappears depending on the duration of being heated. Additionally, its flavour is dependent on that of the fresh garlic that was used to make it. Garlic with a higher sugar content produces a milder, more caramel-like flavour, whereas garlic with a low sugar content produces a sharper, somewhat more acidic flavour, similar in character to tomato paste. Burnt flavours may also be present if the garlic was heated for too long at too high a temperature or not long enough: during heating, the garlic turns black in colour well before the full extent of its sweetness is able to develop.

Black garlic can be eaten alone, or with bread, or used in soups, sauces, crushed into a mayonnaise or simply tossed into a vegetable dish. A vinaigrette can be made with black garlic, sherry vinegar, soy, a neutral oil, and dijon mustard. Its softness increases with water content.

Unlike the vegetable from which it is made--white garlic, black garlic has a very subtle and muted flavour that is easily overpowered.

Because of its delicate and muted flavours, a considerably larger amount of black garlic must be used in comparison to white garlic in order to achieve a similar level of intensity. Additionally, black garlic cannot be used in place of white garlic. If a garlic flavour is desired in addition to the flavour of black garlic, then fresh garlic must be added.

One method to release the subtle flavours of black garlic is to knead a peeled clove between the fingers until its structure is thoroughly broken down and then to dissolve the resulting paste in a small amount of hot water. This produces a dark brown, coffee-coloured suspension of the fibrous black garlic particles in a solution that carries most of its flavour, acidity, and sugar content. This liquid may then be added to foods that are otherwise neutral in flavour (like, for example, mashed potatoes) to better showcase the flavour of the black garlic.

Likely owing to its harsh and concentrated colour, the potent reputation of fresh garlic, and the association of Maillard reactions with the browning of meat, it is a common misconception that black garlic has a "meaty" flavour. It does not. It is commonly eaten on its own by enthusiasts, who sometimes liken the flavour to a savoury, slightly acidic caramel candy or to sweet tamarind fruit. The most prominent flavour it imparts is sweetness when used in high concentrations and when used in low concentrations, provided that there are no other flavours to compete with that of the black garlic, the flavour and aroma are somewhat similar to those of instant coffee, though without any bitterness.


Black garlic could be eaten as functional foods, it can help us to eliminate fatigue, improve physical strength, resolve constipation, protect the liver, increase prostate activity, promote sleeping and so on.

How to use:

Eat directly as snack, or cooking in stew, etc.


Black Garlic 2 Bulb / tub or bag;

Black Garlic 6 Bulb / tub or bag;

Black Garlic 8 Bulb / tub or bag;

Black Garlic 16 Bulb / tub or bag;


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